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Fabulous Finds #123

Happy Friday friends!  I’m sure this week has treated you well.  It’s that time of the week for our Fabulous Finds weekly roundup.  I hope you enjoy this great selection of interior products as well as your weekend!

This gorgeous Antique’s Butcher’s Block, by Eloquence, has just arrived.  I’m in love!  It’s a gorgeous piece, and they also have it in a larger size.

Donna's Blog: Fabulous Finds | Antique Butcher's Block, Eloquence

Antique Butcher’s Block, Eloquence


Artistic Tile has announced their newest collection, Majestic Gemstone.  This new collection includes white quartz, natural agate, amethyst, & blue agate semi-precious stones, and these stones can be made into countertops, sinks, etc.

Donna's Blog: fabulous finds | Artistic Tile Majestic Gemstone

White Quartz, Majestic Gemstone, Artistic Tile


The Hacienda Chair, by Thomas & Gray, has beautiful wooden cabriole legs with a stretcher and beautiful upholstered lines on the back and arms of the wing chair.

Donna's  Blog: fabulous finds | Thomas & Gray Hacienda Chair

Hacienda Chair, Thomas & Gray


Hudson Valley’s Gresham Park Pendant is clean and transitional with a nod to tradition with the crystal sphere.

Donna's Blog: fabulous finds | Hudson Valley Gresham Park

Gresham Park, Hudson Valley


The Dryden widespread faucet, by Delta Faucet, is masculine and has nice straight lines.  It also comes in five finish options.

Donna's Blog: fabulous finds | Delta Faucet Dryden

Dryden Faucet, Delta Faucet



Cozy Bedrooms

Bedrooms should be an inviting and calming space for you and your guests.  They are a place of rest and tend to be a place of solitude.  With floorplans becoming increasingly larger over the past several years, it can be hard to make a large bedroom feel warm and cozy.  Cozy bedrooms make you want to stay curled up in your bed with a nice book and cup of coffee or tea and lounge for the entire day–you never want to leave.  I know when I have designed a bedroom for a client that says they never want to leave their bedroom, I know I’ve done my job!


Size of space can affect the ‘coziness’ of a bedroom.  It is often easier to make a small bedroom feel cozy, but a larger one can be somewhat difficult.  How do you achieve a cozy bedroom in a large space?


Architectural Elements Combined with Texture:

Donna's Blog: Cozy Bedrooms | Traditional Home, architect Stuart Silk

architect Stuart Silk, Traditional Home, photographer John Granen


Texture in Finish Materials:

Donna's Blog: cozy bedrooms | House Beautiful, Ginger Barber

designer Ginger Barber, House Beautiful, photographer Victoria Pearson


Paint/Wallpaper Selection:

Donna's Blog: cozy bedrooms | House Beautiful, Annie Brahler

designer Annie Brahler, House Beautiful, photographer Bjorn Wallander



Donna's Blog: cozy bedrooms | Traditional Home, Tom Stringer

designer Tom Stringer, Traditional Home, photographer Werner Straube


Bedding & Draperies:

Donna's Blog: cozy bedrooms | House Beautiful, Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren, House Beautiful, photographer Karyn R. Millet


Create a Seating Area:

Donna's Blog: cozy bedrooms | House Beautiful, Scott Sanders

designer Scott Sanders, House Beautiful, photographer Joshua Mchugh







Natural Wood Stained Wall Panels

I have posted on wall paneling before (see it here), and this little bit of cooler weather has me thinking of the outdoors and bringing it indoors.  We have seen wall paneling done in varying styles, designs and finishes, but today I wanted to focus on a more natural look, natural wood stained wall panels.


Natural wood has this persona that evokes a sense of earthiness and adds another element of texture than painted wood paneling.  With the natural finish you can see the grain and knots and the natural color variation in the wood–the true integrity of the wood.  It is the perfect backdrop to a room as well as a perfect focal point in a space.  We are starting to see the use of natural stained wood wall panels not only in vacation homes, but in homeowner’s main homes.


I think part of that is due to consumers wanting to recycle and re-use materials for sustainability.  And with the natural aging of the reclaimed wood,  a lot of the wood’s coloring ranges from taupe-brown to gray-brown.  This natural aging is so beautiful, why would you want to stain it?!  The gray brown is perfect for the gray tones homeowners are so drawn to.  With using the natural wood, the wall panels are typically used vertically or horizontally.