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Outdoor Living: Outdoor Swings & Swinging Beds

Donna’s Blog: Outdoor Living: outdoor swings and swinging beds | Lindsey Hene Interiors

Lindsey Hene Interiors

Many of us are spending our last bit of summer days outdoors, and if you are some of those people entertaining at your home or enjoying your home, comfortable outdoor furniture is a necessity.  When it comes to selecting outdoor furniture, most homeowners would like a designated eating area and a sitting area; as well [...]


Drum Shade Lighting

Donna’s blog: Drum Shade lighting

Lighting is a key component in interior design.  When designing a home from the ground up or working on a remodel, lighting is another important aspect where I spend quality time reviewing the layout.  Proper lighting design is needed for task, ambience, and accent light.  It cannot be overlooked!  As designers, we use all three [...]


Ceiling Designs: Tongue and Groove

Donna’s blog: ceiling design: tongue and groove | Vining Design Associates

Vining Design Associates

I have posted several times in the past on different ceiling designs (here and here), and today I thought I'd focus on tongue and groove ceilings.  What is tongue and groove?  It is wooden planking where adjacent boards are joined by interlocking ridges and grooves down their sides.  It is often used on walls and ceilings. [...]


Tile Love: Mirrored Tile

Donna’s Blog: Gray bathroom cabinets | Vining Design Associates

Vining Design Associate

We use mirrors in interior design for most spaces.  Mirrors reflect light which can make a space appear larger.  It can also help brighten a space.  Some areas do not necessarily need a wall mirror, i.e. a kitchen or butler's pantry.  But if you are wanting to use mirror in these particular spaces, one way [...]


Pet Friendly: Laundry Rooms with a Dog Shower

Pet Friendly: Laundry Rooms with a Dog Shower post image

I've posted on designing a pet friendly home or space before (here and here).  Many of us have a furry family member, and it isn't necessarily convenient to take your dog to the groomers every time your dog needs a shower.  Every couple of months or once a month, for most, is an acceptable option, but [...]