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Creative Kids Rooms

Donna’s Blog: Creative Kids Rooms | Vining Design Associates

Vining Design Associates

It seems that school has officially started for almost everyone, and those kids rooms need to be designed for multi-use: sleeping, doing homework, sparking creativity, etc.  I have posted previously several times on kids rooms: focusing on desk area, bunk beds, and more.   Today I want to focus on designing your child/children's room(s) with [...]


Cabinet Colors: Warm Gray Cabinets

Well we all know that gray is THE popular color of choice for walls, cabinets, trim, etc.  And it is not going anywhere anytime soon.  Gray comes in many different shades and hues, and for those who do not realize this, but gray has two under-lying color tones--cool and warm.  High Point Market is where I [...]


Bedroom Walls: Wall Paneling

Bedroom Walls: Wall Paneling post image

When designing the master bedroom or any special bedroom details are key to making them unique.  Wall treatments are another detail that can make a room feel special.  There are many ways to add detail to your bedroom walls, but today lets look at wall paneling. There are many ways to use wall paneling: vertical [...]


Kips Bay Showhouse 2015 Part 3

Donna’s blog: Kips Bay Showhouse 2015 | Greener by Design

Greener by Design

Happy Monday!  Today we start the workweek off with our final tour through the Kips Bay Showhouse 2015 with the fifth floor and rooftop terrace. Designer Suzana Whyte Braga Moacella of McMillen Inc designed this Brazilian inspired bedroom.  The walls were painted a vibrant soft shade of green with contemporary inspired furniture.  The Pierre Frey [...]


Kips Bay Showhouse 2015 Part 2

Donna’s blog: Kips Bay Showhouse 2015 | David Pheonix

David Pheonix

Today we continue our tour through the 43rd Annual Kips Bay Showhouse 2015--through the third and fourth floors. We will start off with the master bedroom designed by David Phoenix.  This gorgeous master bedrooms is enveloped with Cowtan and Tout fabrics--on the walls, drapery, bedding, etc. Layers of textures and patterns create a cozy, inviting and [...]