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Star Light Star Bright: Star Lights

We have all star gazed once or twice in our life.  There is something about stars that are thought evoking and encourage us to dream.  Seeing the twinkling in the dark night sky is soothing to the soul and enchanting.  So it’s no surprise that lighting manufacturers have used the night sky as inspiration for light fixtures.  Star lights are fun and elegant.

Donna's Blog: star light star bright: star lights | Visual Comfort Sophia Small flush mount

Sophia Small Flush Mount, Visual Comfort


While we see many of the star lights as hanging fixtures, there are some wall sconces that have the star motif as well.  Also think outside the box in style, like a contemporary interpretation.

Donna's Blog: star light star bright: star lights | Currey starburst wall sconce

Starburst wall sconce, Currey


Donna's Blog: star light star bright: star lights | Fine Art Lamps Catalyst

Catalyst, Fine Art Lamps



Donna's Blog: star light, star bright: star lights | Visual Comfort Moravian XL Star

Moravian XL Star, Visual Comfort


Donna's Blog: star light, star bright: star lights | Visual Comfort Etoile Sconce

Etoile Sconce, Visual Comfort



Trimming the Tree: Christmas Tree Love

We are one week away from Christmas Eve, one week away!  Earlier this week I posted on exterior Christmas decorations and today I wanted to post on the Christmas household star, the Christmas tree.  Trimming the tree is one of my favorite parts of Christmas decorating.  What is yours?  It is also generally the star of the home decor, and there are so many styles and ways to decorate the tree.

Donna's Blog: christmas tree decorations | Southern Living, photographer Hector Sanchez

Southern Living, photographer Hector Sanchez


Do you have a Christmas tree decoration theme?  Do you go traditional, real tree or spunky fake tree that is white or another bold color?  So many decisions when it comes to decorating the tree.  Do you prefer white lights or colored lights?  There are different ways to finish the top of the tree as well, an angel, or a star, or a bow, or feathers, etc.  How do you top your tree?  What about ribbon?  Do you wrap ribbon around the tree?  Or do you use fillers for those random gaps that often come with real trees or fake trees?  I would love to hear from you on how you decorate for Christmas!





Donna's Blog: christmas tree decorations | Southern Living photographer Helen Norman

Southern Living, photographer Helen Norman







Kitchen Design: Glass Cabinets in Front of Windows

Layouts in kitchen design is the main important factor.  The layout is what determines the work triangle and the way the kitchen is used.  But have you ever had a window(s) that spanned the entire wall and you needed the storage space?  Or they spanned a large portion of the wall, or the windows are placed in an area that storage is needed?


You don’t want to take the natural light away by removing the windows.  How do we utilize this natural light, but keep needed storage?  The answer is to design glass cabinets to be mounted in front of the window.  It’s a great idea that has a great look!  I would also include in-cabinet lighting in these glass kitchen cabinets.  This will give the cabinets a soft glow at night.