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Happy July 4th!

Happy July 4th! post image

Tomorrow we are taking the day off to celebrate our nations birthday.  Today I wanted to wish you all a very wonderful July 4th weekend and  celebration.  Be safe traveling for those who are traveling, and enjoy your time with friends and family!  Happy July 4th!  And Happy Birthday America, so proud to live in [...]


Celebrating the Fourth of July Outdoors!

donna’s Blog: Celebrating the Fourth Outdoors! | Tamiami Sculptural Chair, Brown Jordan

Tamiami Sculptural Chair, Brown Jordan

The Fourth of July is a holiday obviously celebrated outdoors (weather permitting).  Warm weather calls us to be beachside, poolside, or grill-side (or a combination).  For those of you celebrating the Fourth at your home, the outdoor decor is  an easy way to incorporate those patriotic July Fourth decorations. There are multiple ways to incorporate [...]


Who’s Blue for Blue Cabinets?

Donna’s Blog: Who’s blue for blue cabinets? | Exquisite Kitchen Design

Exquisite Kitchen Design

While it is Patriotic week, I thought I'd maybe stick to the week's motif.  Blue cabinets are a cabinet color that has become increasingly popular over the years.  I do believe it's due to the fact that most people tend to be drawn to this soothing color that can be read as vibrant, energetic and [...]


Fourth of July Week: Americana Style

Donna’s Blog: Outdoor Dining Bliss | Vining Design Associates

Vining Design Associates

This weekend is the Fourth, and many of you are preparing for your Fourth celebrations--whether it be traveling or staying in town.  Are many of you traveling or staying in?  How do you plan to celebrate our nations birthday?  Most of you know that I love this great nation, and I think starting out the [...]


Bathroom Designs: Dark Stained Cabinets

We have seen lighter finishes in the bathroom, mostly painted, for past few years.  Especially with the love of gray continuing to be a strong decision factor, dark stained cabinets have tended to take a backseat.  But, I do believe, that in bathroom designs,we are seeing a small increase for dark stained bathroom cabinets. Most consider [...]