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Design Decisions: Bedroom Fireplace

Fireplaces in a bedroom are typically only common in a master bedroom and not in guest bedrooms.  A bedroom fireplace adds an architectural element in the room as well as warmth.


Everyone loves to get cozy by a fireplace, and one great space is a bedroom.  It isn’t necessary for all bedrooms to have a fireplace, but when designing your dream home, think of those special bedrooms that could afford having a one.  Bedroom fireplaces really set the ambience in a room.  They also allow you to add another architectural and interior detail design and another textural element.


There are no set rules on material finishes or styles for bedroom fireplace surrounds and overall design.  I recommend that you select the materials that work with the style of your overall home and architecture.  Mountain homes or ranches tend to have more than one bedroom with a fireplace.  The fireplace can help with individual bedroom heat control.


Bedrooms that have fireplaces are generally a large space, which most times allows for a sitting area in front of the fireplace.  Having this extra seating space, gives the homeowner or the guest an extra place to sit (rather than a bed) and helps create that cozy, warm ambience.  Are you a fan of a fireplace in the bedroom?

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Kitchen Stone Walls

I have posted several times on varying kitchen design: kitchen hood designs, cabinet accessories, etc.  One I haven’t touched on so much, is a kitchen stone wall(s).  Many Houston or Texas homes have kitchen stone walls.  These stone walls add warmth, texture and a focal point in the space.


Stone walls in a kitchen make the space feel warm, homey and cozy.  They don’t all have to be super traditional or rustic.  There are many stones that you can choose from that can offer a contemporary look as well.  Why is stone used on walls?  In some cases the stone is actually the exterior stone, but in others it is truly used as an aesthetically pleasing look.


Which wall or walls do you choose to face with stone?  That is a great question.  Many times it is solely placed on the kitchen hood wall, but that does not have to be the only wall.  Stone walls warm up a space, especially the clean, modern lines that cotemporary design tend to evoke.  See below many different ways interior designers and architects have used natural stone walls in kitchens.







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The Perfect Gathering Space for Super Bowl Sunday 2015

Super Bowl Sunday 2015, is coming up!  I know many of you are gearing up for hosting a party or bringing a food or beverage for the party you are attending.  We all know that most of these parties are hosted at someone’s home, and the general gathering place is typically the family room or if there is one, a ‘man cave’–which typically includes a game room or home theater.  And more often times than not, the men are in one room and the women in another.


I have posted on man caves before, but lets focus on home’s that do not have those.  These homes are the homes that have an open floorplan that are perfect for entertaining and gathering in one to two spaces, aka the family room and kitchen areas.  But what makes these spaces ideal for watching the super bowl?

Open Floorplan: Most ideal, so people can go to and from without missing or hearing the game while grabbing a bite to eat.



Media technology: Built-in speakers and a large flat screen TV are required, preferable a 60-65-inch or larger (insert smiley face).



Food: There are generally several places where the food is places, i.e. family room cocktail table, kitchen island, and if there is a breakfast room: the table.  A large kitchen with a large island is the perfect serving area!


Beverages: A bar set up is key for most games, whether they are alcoholic or not. A designated beverage center (whether built-in or not) helps.



Ample Seating: Depending on how many guest you have, make sure everyone has somewhere to sit.  Or that the space is large enough to bring in chairs from an adjoining room.  Use small ottomans or benches to provide extra seating.



What are your plans for Super Bowl Sunday 2015?  Are you going to a friend’s home?  Hosting a party?  Or going somewhere to watch it?  I’d love to hear how you watch the game!  Do you have any special foods or beverages that are a must have for the party?